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Leading Lady Kimberly McLaurin


Leading Lady Kimberly Thomasine McLaurin is the only child of the late Thomasine Natalie Mercer and Jerome Wilson Rollins, Sr.  Kimberly was raised Catholic, and converted to the Baptist faith as a young adult. As a native to Baltimore, she received her primary education in the public school system graduating from Walbrook Senior High School. Lady McLaurin worked in Corporate America since the age of 18, while simultaneously pursing a higher education. In 2006, she left the work force to focus on the care and nurture of her young children and growing family.  In 2016, she began working alongside her husband in the family business where she serves as an integral part of its operations and success. 


Since 2003, Lady McLaurin has been a devoted wife and partner to Rev. Timothy McLaurin, Jr., Pastor of the First Missionary Baptist Church of Frederick, Maryland. Their union produced three strong, beautiful, intelligent blessings: Aaliyah Kimberly, Ariel Timia, and Asyah Simone McLaurin.


Lady McLaurin is known to be kind, gentle and is gifted with a spirit of hospitality.  In addition, she also possesses a caring nature, dedication and a commitment to her family and close friends. She is committed to her God-given responsibilities as wife and mother and makes home and family a priority as she seeks to be an example of the woman described in Proverbs 31.

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