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Church Services

Join us Sundays at 10:00 am | 6430 Jefferson Pike, Frederick, MD 21703 | Rev. Timothy McLaurin (Pastor)

First Missionary Baptist Church invites you to join our Church Services each Sunday at 10am. Our members are welcoming,
our pastor always has a powerful word, and our choir and musicians will keep you filled with the spirit. We are a God-loving church. We believe in Jesus Christ. We teach and strive to uphold Christian values and we welcome you to fellowship with us.

FMBC Church Exterior
FMBC Pastor
FMBC Black History Celebration
FMBC Black History Celebration
FMBC Church Service
FMBC Black History Celebration
FMBC Black History Celebration
FMBC Black History Celebration


Q: What time does church start?

A: 10am each Sunday

Q:  How long is the church service?

A: Usually two hours

Q:  How can I join the the church?

A: Attend one of our services. During the service, the pastor or a minister will extend an invitation for anyone wanting to join to come down the aisle. 

Q:  What if I'm not ready to join, can I still attend?

A: Yes. But, we hope that after you get to know us, you'll be led to join us.

Q:  Can I attend church virtually?

A: Yes. Click on the Sermons tab on our website.

Q: What is the dress code?

A: Casual or Sunday best

Q: Do I have to be a Baptist to attend?

A: No. All people and races are welcome.

Q. Do I need to be a Christian to attend?

A. No. But, our goal is to inspire you to become one.

Q. Do you have Sunday School?

A. Yes. Our Sunday School is called Church School and it is held each Sunday at 9:00a.m. virtually and in person. In-person attendance is limited to adults until further notice.

Q. Is there parking?

A. Yes. 

Q. Do you have a kids minister?

A. Stay tuned. We're working on it. We do have a youth ministry and welcome kids of all ages.

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