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FMBC Deaconesses

Mission - Our commitment is to care for women and children though love, comfort and compassion inside the church and throughout the local community. Vision - To serve women and children with care and joy, always striving to encourage and uplift them spiritually, while fulfilling God's command of sharing the Gospel (Matthew 28:19-20)


Deaconesses roles include: Welcoming new members into the congregation; Setting up and breaking down of the Sacraments for Communion; Setting up and breaking down of the pulpit cloths and Sacrament table for every service; Preparing the candidates for Baptism; Keeping track of all items needed for Baptism; Calling and visiting the sick and shut- ins; Calling and providing spiritual aide to the female members of the church that request help and connecting them to other ministries in the church for physical aide; Several of our Deaconess are also on the Food Pantry and the Missionary ministries and Pastors aide ministry and Spearheading the Annual Prayer Breakfast.

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